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The Holy Place where Sri Krishna still comes to play!

Vrindavan is the land of piousness, where Krishna played during his childhood days, this is the land which luminates major festivals like Janamashtami, Holi and Radhashtami. More than half a million visitors come to Vrindavan, every year.

This is a city of temples. Most important and sacred temples is the Bankey Bihari Temple (our hotels are situated 200 meters and 800 meters from this temple). The Rangaji Temple follows dravidian style of architteture and dates back to 1851 (this is is located at 1 km and 1..5 km from our hotels).

The ISKCON Temple, was built by the devotees of ISCKON organization . (located at 1km and 1.5 km from our hotels) .

Vrindavan - Important Facts


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Three major restaurants of Vrindavan - Brijwasi, Bharti and Vrinda Foods are located next to our hotel Yamuna Dham. Bharti Guest House is located very close to Bankey Bihari Temple, where you get it to eat awesome chaats.